Entertainment usually bombards us as Americans. Movies, TV, games, Facebook, outdoors activities and on and on the list goes. We seem to have to many things to do. When you move overseas however, the list reduces radically.

Most tropical cultures I’ve visited shut everything down and go home when the sun goes down. Sure, there are still restaurants open, and sometimes you will visit someone after dark, but usually, when the sun goes down, life stops. And in the tropics, the sun sets at 6pm give or take 30 minutes all year long.

So that leaves you with several long evening hours at home wondering what to do next. TV, movies, and the few books you crammed into your overweight bags on the trip over quickly lose appeal. I mean really, you can only watch Napoleon Dynamite so many nights in a row. If you understand the local language enough to watch local TV that might keep you interested awhile, but who wants to watch TV in a different language for three hours every night? Books help, because they take so long to read, but they are big and heavy. Even three or four paperbacks can knock a light 35 pound bag into the overweight-pay-with-your-retirement category.

What do you do then? Go to bed? Maybe. Pay attention to your kids and wife? Well, that could be good too, but I’m talking about entertainment right now, not fatherly duties.

Introducing the Kindle. When I find a little cool gadget, I like telling people about it. This is me, telling you, about it. 🙂 It’s a bit pricey upfront compared to a regular book. However, it weighs almost nothing and can slip into a large cargo pocket. On this dandy little device you can store dozens of books. Even better, with a US credit card and a permanent address in the US, you can buy and download books from anywhere in the world. Even better, the download takes only a minute or so on really slow internet connections like mine.

Hours of entertainment, education, and personal growth all in one little device with the option for more at anytime. Awesome. I want three.


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