Sweet Shop

Yesterday Joy and I went clothes shopping in Salatiga. When I moved to Indonesia, I pretty much wrote off shopping for clothing that was not tailor made for me since the average Indonesian is the size of a junior high kid in the US. So going shopping in Salatiga was a big deal. The main hope was to get Joy some shorts that were long so she could start running, now that she is back to feeling herself again after having birthed Zoe. However, rumor had it that North Face jackets had been spotted in Salatiga at a store called The Sweet Shop. Since I’m a bit of a jacket and backpack freak, I had to go and see this.

The shop itself isn’t very large, maybe the size of a medium gas station store. But it is packed with all sorts of stuff. It was, thankfully, arranged by gender and size somewhat. As we probed deeper into the store we started finding some very interesting things.

Before arriving in Indonesia, we had known that one of Indonesia’s big exports is clothing. Lots of name brand clothing, among many other things, is made here. Don’t believe me? Go open your closet and take a look, you shouldn’t need to look far to find “Made in Indonesia” stitched into the tag. We found Old Navy, Wal*Mart, Target, and Gap stuff. We even found a hideous Calvin Kline shirt. They did have The North Face jackets, but only for women. We got Joy one. The price tag from TNF said $99. We paid $10.

We did eventually find a suitable pair of shorts for Joy. After what felt on my back like 6 hours from holding the baby, I was fed up and ready to leave. Then my world turned upside down.

Columbia Sporting Goods has a pair of pants. I like them. They are good for camping and hiking. They are expensive. Joy found three of them at The Sweet Shop. They were buried in a pile of other men’s khaki pants. I’m not sure why she even was looking there. One was size large and therefore too small for me, just as I would have expected here. The next one was size XXXXL. I didn’t feel like wearing a tent, so they were out too. Then there was the last pair. My size. And only $5. Of all the gin joints…

We bought them. The End.


1 thought on “Sweet Shop

  1. I can sense your excitement at finding something your size there. Ive definitely bought a few pairs of my size fourteen shoes before heading over!


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