As a pilot, one of the constant battles is keeping my brain sharp and my skills ready for when I fly. To keep that edge, I really have to commit myself to lifestyle of constant learning and review. There are plenty of resources out there, from classic books like “Stick and Rudder” to interactive online courses provided free through the FAA in conjunction with groups like AOPA. And frankly, those online courses can be fun, or a bit of a drain.

However I look at it though, it has to be been done for one very clear reason. I want to go home every night after I fly. The world of aviation is fun and exciting, but also dangerous. The mission field for aviators is even more so. If I’m not totally prepared for every flight, I might not come home. I don’t want that.

What about spirituality? Do I apply the same effort to my walk with God? Do I treat my relationship with Him in the same manner? Granted, it’s a relationship, not running a machine. But do I really put my heart into keeping my walk with God fresh so that I can stand against the temptations that come, small or great? It wouldn’t be that hard. There are books aplenty, and more then a few online resources to help us. Even easier is to simply take a few minutes and pray. But it still comes down to the simple act of doing. It takes commitment. Just like studying to be a better pilot, we need to be committed to our relationship with God.

So what are you doing about today?


1 thought on “Recurrency

  1. Good words, son. We need that personal time with Him or we too may not come home from our flight. Time with Him every day is important or we are not ready for the day He has given to us. God bless you.


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