I’m writing this from my iPad in a hotel room in Jakarta. Joy is trying to sleep in the bed next to me and Zoe is laying on my chest, being entertained by the bedside lamp.
Last Tuesday we received an email from the MAF Jakarta office saying that we had to report to immigration to extend our visas. We had known this was coming up soon, so it wasn’t a surprise. The catch was, since Zoe still needs a visa, we had to stay longer after ours were processed so we could process hers afterwards. Another difficulty was that since MAF Jakarta was also trying to push through visas for two other families, there was some difficulty about the tickets for the flight. We finally got final word or Wednesday evening about our flight leaving around 11am on Thursday.
A small whirl wind later found us at the Jakarta airport with the Epps catching a taxi to our hotel. At the hotel we met Daniel dan Becky Perez’s two new baby girls who are only nine days older then Zoe. In honor of the Perez’s return from the US we went out for Mexican food.
This morning we signed the papers, gave all of our finger prints, didn’t smile for the ID camera. That done, now we wait till Tuesday to repeat the process for Zoe!

So if you had a free weekend in Jakarta, what would you do?


5 thoughts on “Jakarta

  1. Well, a free weekend in Jakarta! I think if we were in Jakarta we would shop, eat, eat, shop, and eat some more! Oh, and there are some other fun things to do around there like “Sea World Indonesia.” not quite like Sea World in the States but still fun! Enjoy the eating and shopping, and relax!


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