One Handed Entry

I’m at the hotel computer posting short update. And since Zoe is fussy, I’m holding her while typing. That means I’m doing all of this one handed. 🙂

Yesterday we had so much fun at the Koens house. After having visited them, we can see how they could feel isolated, here in Jakarta with no other MAF expat families to visit or hang out with.
Living overseas brings into stark reality the emotional value of a face to face relationship with someone of a similar cultural background. There is something to that relationship that a local family cannot provide. Perhaps it is the common ground of having moved cultures, or having watched Transformers as kids. Either way, there is a commonality that is hard to find elsewhere.

*Change of venue, Zoe is in bed, maybe she will sleep again.*
It’s a proven fact that interpersonal relationships with other missionaries is the number one reason that missionaries leave the mission field. Despite being overseas, we missionaries are just like everyone else. We make mistakes, sin, and hurt each other just like you will find in any church anywhere. The catch is, we don’t have anywhere else to go.

All this calls for huge amounts of grace. Grace for mistakes and mistreatment. Grace to let each other grow and change. Grace to let each other fail, and still love them. And finally, grace to let people go when God calls them onward.

Pray for grace in relationships for your missionary today. It could be what preserves their ability to stay on the field.


2 thoughts on “One Handed Entry

  1. When we were missionaries, this is exactly what we experienced. There was amazing joy in being with others from our homeland, our culture, and our faith. There was also great potential for pain if those precious relationships went sour. Thank you for being willing to go to a place where you feel so foreign. May God give you grace each day for that stress and for each other.


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