A Mushroom in the Toilet

I think I started feeling sick on Saturday. I certainly knew something was wrong by Sunday, but I didn’t worry about it too much. I just guessed it was all the in and out of AC that we were doing here in Jakarta. I wasn’t about to let a little stomach ache stop me from having fun. This was our big chance to explore the city!

By Monday morning, I knew I was more then a little off. I was feeling dizzy and light headed. I wasn’t hungry even, and for a Geaslen boy, that means death or something equally serious is soon to follow.

Yesterday afternoon found Sunday’s dinner coming out in mostly undigested form. I had the worst runs I’d had in years. I went to bed with a pounding headache and stomach ache. Even then, I was up every 10 minutes or so to purge more fluid from my tail.

Then finally at around 11 pm I tossed my cookies. It wasn’t a little toss either. It was a break into a sweat almost fall over afterwards type of toss. Then I revisited that fun occasion about 30 minutes later when I did pretty much fall over after puking I felt so weak.

I went to bed after that and told Joy that I might be having trouble keeping water down. We both knew that if this continued I would be headed to the hospital. That wasn’t a fun prospect at all.

Thankfully, I had asked Joy to pray for me earlier last night, and after the second tossing, I started feeling significantly better. This morning I might even be hungry. I think I’ll take it slow in that department for now. Joy had specifically prayed that I would feel better by morning, and I do believe that her prayer has been answered.


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