Illness Update

So I wasn’t quite done with being sick as of my last post. I felt ok on Tuesday and almost fine on Wednesday except for a lingering headache. By Wednesday evening I wasn’t feeling quite as well anymore though.

Then Thursday happened to me. That’s about the best way to describe it. I got up and spent the next few hours visiting the restroom about every 5-15 minutes. At that point, we started looking for a diagnosis, since we knew it was a recurring.

With some helpful advice from folks here in Salatiga we decided I’d landed myself some visitors in the form of Giardia. These guys are loads of fun, and if you ever want to toss a real party in your small intestines, be sure in invite them. They certainly pull out all the stops.

Since they’ve overstayed their welcome though, I got some yummy tasting pills to swallow several times a day. Hopefully these pills will clean up the show for me in a couple days. In the mean time, I’ve used all my skips for this unit of language school so I really have to be at school tomorrow.


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