Hike Merbabu Part 2

Yes, that is Merbabu, yes that is smoke.

Yesterday, Merbabu decided to smoke a little. I haven’t seen this since arriving here in Salatiga. At first I though, “Gee, that’s an odd cloud, in a long line, coming from the mountain. Could that be… nah.” But then a friend of mine confirmed, in deed, that is an ash cloud coming from the top of Merbabu. So this morning I checked it out online and it turns out that Merbabu was actually on fire. (Sorry the link is all in Indonesian.) I guess the mountain of ash is living up to it’s name. Whether by pure idiocy or not, we are still intending to hike Merbabu on Saturday anyway.

So the pile of gear is growing. I’m borrowing Joy’s Camelback bladder so I can take a full 100 oz of water up with me. I ran out with just my 50oz last time. I also have my new trekking poles to try out. I’m pretty excited about them. The funny part is I never washed the backpack from the last time, so we’ll just add more dirt to the last layer and see what we get!

Digital maps on my phone.

Thanks to all my friends and their great comments on Facebook about downloading topo maps, I now have a pretty good topo map of Merbabu on my phone compliments of Locus Free. I also picked up a map for my GPS (see my last post.) So I’ll be sure to have some fun with all that. Be looking for tracks to show up here about the hike and other adventures later.


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