Reblog: What’s in a Name?

A post from my kayak blog.

South Seas Kayaks

My kayak doesn’t have a name. Part of me has been waiting till I had it built to name it. Another part of me feels like it doesn’t exist till I name it. I want whatever I name the kayak to capture the essence of what my kayak is. It is as if I want to have the name mean the life story of the kayak. I don’t just want a “Jenny” or something like that. But I can’t quite seem to think of a good name.

Names can be powerful things. They can lend power to an object or not. They create part of what the thing is. Gandalf knew this when he so obviously said, “Gandalf is my name, and Gandalf means me!” He was who his name was. The question is, did the name make him, or did he make the name?

God puts store on names…

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