Zoe’s First Hike

Joy and I love the outdoors. Our favorite (and only) vacation together was camping at Mt. Washington and hiking it. Joy has actually spent most of the last 12 months wishing we could do something like that again.

I guess it’s hard carrying a baby, and then nursing it too. Something about all that extra weight from the baby, and then having to nurse and nap every hour or two. It makes it interesting if you want to hike something big. Then there is the whole getting back into good shape after spending three months recovering from the 9 month baby-making marathon.

Joy was particularly disappointed when she couldn’t go hike up Mt. Merbabu with me last spring. It’s sad too, because short of carrying Zoe up with us, we don’t have a good option for Joy to hike Merbabu.

Anyway, we decided it was time. Zoe is three months old, and she needs to see the bigger world around her. So today we packed all up and left for the Elephant’s Back. I’m not kidding either. That’s the name in Javanese.

We got Zoe all packed up into her little carrier (thanks mom and dad) and off we went. You can see the trail behind us. It wound around the side of the small hill we were hiking. As we walked we got to see quite a few views of Telomoyo, a local mountain that I climbed on my motorcycle just a couple weeks ago, and Merbabu.

At the top, we discovered an old monument of sorts marking the peak. This monument was also a geocache, so being the geek that I am, I had to get a picture with it as I showed off my GPS.

As you can see, Zoe was elated to be a part of this ground breaking exploration feat! In fact, just for the occasion, I had taken he sun shade off so she was visible for the picture. No… she is not asleep. She is passed out with excitement of the adventure.

One interesting bit was the Javanese family at the base of the mountain that befriended us. They allowed me to park my motorcycle in their house (only crazy people leave motorcycles, especially nice ones like mine, outside) and even volunteered to watch Zoe while we hiked. Trusting them with my bike was one thing, trusting them with Zoe was a whole new ball game. They did try hard to feed me while Joy was nursing just before we started hiking. I ate a little, and hope it doesn’t come back to haunt me later.

After our hike we asked and they let us take a picture of them with their granddaughter.

Here is their house. You can just see a little light off of my motorcycle inside the door.

This is their granddaughter.

After a much shorter drive downhill and home, we were hot and sunburned, but happy to have been out to explore.


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