Facebook is Dead to Me

I regret to announce that our internet does not allow me to log into Facebook. Sadly, this has actually been the case for a few months now. Some of you who are astute will notice I have dropped in from time to time. This has been when I was riding on the unforeseen wave of crazy fast internet that happened to swish through our house, only to leave just as quickly, often casting me away in a sea of unposted comments.

In addition to these doldrum woes, I am also unable to change anything connected to Facebook. For example, most of you will see this blog post appear twice on my wall (unless something has changed, which I wouldn’t know about, being unable to log in). This is because Networked blogs is posting twice for me, instead of once, and I can’t get in to make them swing from a yard arm.

Oddly enough, the data plan I am trying out on my phone sails fast enough to post through Tweetdeck, which my home internet cannot do. Thus, tweetdeck and my phone are my best mates.

And if the next higher internet package didn’t cost a galleon of Spanish doubloons a month, we might even consider the upgrade… to 2 Mbps.


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