The World Fell Apart in November

The story of our carport falling over.

I was taking a shower. You know, the thing where you get wet and then use soap, rinse off and the dry yourself.

To be more precise, I was in the drying phase. In favor of little children everywhere and their not having nightmares, I’ll say no more on that account.

About the time I was pondering life and it’s meaning, I heard something akin to Niagara Falls but with tile. Again in favor of not causing nightmares, I refrained from running to see the excitement. I contented myself with yelling.

Joy responded that she was ok and so was Zoe.

I went back to pondering life and the difficulties of finding a good try towel.

After assembling my fashion statement for the evening, I sallied forth to see what was going on. To my surprise, but not too great surprise, I found this.

All that prettiness used to look something more like this.

And yes, our scooters were under the carport when it fell. Since we didn’t really have a place to chain them up after the collapse, we pulled them inside and examined the damage. Zippy took the worst of it with a broken turn signal and a license plate hanging by one bolt.

Alas, though no one was hurt, we lost a bench, a few pots and perhaps a couple potted plants.

The greatest tragedy of the evening was the loss of our faithful, though very rickety, drying rack.

RIP rickety old drying rack. May your bent bars and broken poles find peace.

Did I mention that the parts for Zippy will take a month to come?



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