Things About America that I Don’t Miss.

When we moved overseas, there were a few things, aside from family, that we knew we would have to sacrifice because we were leaving home. We would be giving up snow. We no longer would be able to enjoy 4th of July fireworks every year. Bacon would no longer be made of pork. And of course for me, I would be giving up Mountain Dew.

There are a few things that I would be giving up however, that I certainly won’t miss.

I won’t miss Halloween.

Perhaps you come from a different tradition, but Halloween was always a horrible time of year. I remember hating October every year when growing up because of the awful things people would put out in their yard. I would have to walk past those disgusting things everyday to deliver newspapers. You may think it’s cute to dress your child up like a pumpkin and drag them around the neighborhood to steal candy from the random people you don’t know on your street. I however found the entire month disturbing. The result is that since Indonesia doesn’t celebrate Halloween, I don’t have to tolerate it anymore.

I won’t miss Black Friday.

Sure, there are some awesome deals out there to be had at 3am on Black Friday, but really folks, this is a little ridiculous. Did we miss the point of the day before? The real Holiday there is Thanksgiving, which is about being thankful for what you have. I’m glad to be away from the consumerism of the US this fall, and though I may watch for Black Friday ads from REI or EMS, I won’t be missing Black Friday in general. I will miss turkey though.

I won’t miss mud slinging.

Politics. Need I say more? Yes, one thing: Why do sexual allegations wait to come out till election time?

And finally, I won’t miss January.

I was born in February. So February, though it is cold and dreary, has a bit of a national holiday and escapes my general derision. I like December because of Christmas, and I will miss cold weather as I experiment with making egg nog this year. But January has nothing to redeem it. The only big Holiday that even comes close to landing in January ends abruptly at midnight before January 1st. And if you have an employer like I always seemed to end up with, you have to work the 1st anyway. I suppose you could say that Martin Luther King Day is a big holiday, but have you ever been to an MLK Day bash? Anyway, the point is, January is cold, dark, dreary, and devoid of all fun, unless you live near a mountain and can go skiing. Goodbye January. I will not miss you either.


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