Karimunjawa 3

We stopped to swim with sharks.

Well, actually, more accurately, we stopped to wade with sharks in a little shark pool. The water looked pretty nasty to me, so I skipped it, but Joy waded in.

Either way, there were sharks, and Joy was in the water with them.

We also went to the idyllic beach today, complete with coral reef to explore and shells everywhere. It was also the perfect desert island too. There was certainly no water to be had anywhere. Thankfully, we had plenty with us.

Zoe was a trooper. She was happy most of the time. She did get a little pink on the face, and we can’t really figure out where it came from. Otherwise, she came out of the whole deal tired, really tired, but happy for the most part.

The boat picked us up at the close dock at about 8am. From there, we had about an hour boat ride to the little island called Cemara, which means pine. The water was a beautiful blue. The sand at the beach we stopped next to was a bright white. Joy and I swam out to snorkel around the coral reef. The reef started in the deeper water, at about 20 feet or more deep and shallowed out to around 4 to 5 feet deep. We swam around on the shallow side briefly and then over to the deep side.

The colors of the reef were actually a bit duller then I had hoped. The dead coral was all a tannish color. The living coral was much brighter. Most of what we saw was a brilliant blue. The fish on the other hand were crazy. We saw a couple clown fish, and that was about the only thing I recognized. There were many other types of fish with brilliant colors. Reds, blues, whites, yellows, oranges, and greens were everywhere. The only thing I didn’t see was great big school that I could swim through. Oh well. You can’t have everything the first time out can you?


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