This morning we left our house at the completely insane hour of 3am. I’m not sure what possessed me to choose to leave then, but we did.

After a three hour car ride, we arrived in Japara which is on the north coast of Java. There we intended to catch a ferry to Karimunjawa. However, when we arrived, the boat that normally makes the trip, KMP Muria, was not around. In it’s place was the fast ferry, Kartini 1. We found the office to buy tickets had not opened. We asked around and found that the office would open at 7. Thankfully, it opened early, so we bought tickets after only sitting around for about 30 minutes. When I asked when the ferry was going to leave, the man said 10. Now I distinctly remember hearing 8am on the phone when I called about the ferry. So I asked again, yes, 10 am. I can only guess it was because we were using the fast ferry since the slow one was in for repairs.

The ferry ride was pretty nice. We were in the “Executive” section, which meant you had to pay more, you were higher up in the boat, the AC was colder and people were less likely to park a bag of durian at your feet. Other then that, I think it was about the same. There was a cool bow area that you could go stand in. It was open and very breezy. That was fun place to stand and watch Java slip behind and Karimunjawa grow.

After arriving at Karimun, we marched the long way around to our hotel. It was a bit of a pain really, because though it was paved the whole way, it was quite the walk. We found out later that though we would walk through another resort, we really could have walked down the beach, which would have been much much shorter. Of course, roll behind suitcases don’t like sand too much, so I’m not sure it would have been much better.

The first day, I wasn’t too impressed with our hotel, but I think that was because I was pretty tired. the morning of the second day was much much more enjoyable. There was a warm sea breeze, breakfast was good, the coffee was good, and Zoe was happy. What a great start to the day. I think today we will be exploring the island a little and then tomorrow we plan to snorkel some.

Ahhhh…. vacation. 🙂


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