A Good Rest

Wednesday afternoon Joy said she didn’t feel so great. Not feeling so great seems to be an occupational hazard here in Indonesia. Our house helper told us that foreigners get sick often during their first year. She would know since we are the fourth family she has worked at this house.

So Thursday when Joy was feeling really sick until around 5pm, I cared for Zoe when I wasn’t at school. Ibu Santi stayed little late to help watch Zoe while I was at school. By evening, however, I was starting to feel sick and Joy was getting better.

I never had a fever, like Joy, but I did throw up, which Joy didn’t do. I did manage a pretty crazy dream though that involved characters or elements from about three different movies and a computer game. It was… interesting. And scary a bit.

This evening I think I am on the mend, after feeling awful all morning and sleeping from about 12:30 until 4pm. Oddly, I still feel tired though.

I also feel thankful. Thankful that I’m not always feeling sick. Thankful that our baby didn’t get sick like us. Thankful that language school has so much space built into the program that I can have the freedom to take days off when I get sick. And thankful for my wonderful wife who had such a great attitude while she was sick, and now is trying so hard to care for me.

When have you felt grateful during a difficult circumstance in life? What did you learn in the midst of that difficulty?


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