Staying Hydrated

When we first arrived in Indonesia, we were greeted by all sorts of new advertisements. That of course was to be expected. Some of my favorites were ones that simply didn’t make any sense to me whatsoever. Here is an example:I’m not sure what this burger has to do with Prosperity, but there it is. Thanks McDonalds. I’ll take three.

Another one that was a little more understandable was the sports drink that we noticed advertised everywhere. Pocari Sweat. Yes, sweat, as in the nasty stuff that drips off of me all day, everyday.

At first I was skeptical, but then I tried it one day while playing soccer or something. It wasn’t that bad. It’s not as sweet at Gatorade, which is a change from the trend of every drink in Indonesia being sweeter then in the US.

In addition to being good for exercise, it’s also good to drink when you are sick. The taste isn’t as nice as a cool juice, but it helps keep you hydrated, and that’s important when you are running at both ends.

Joy and I have been sick a bit the last few days, and we have managed to down a two liter of the stuff. At one point, Joy asked me if we had any of “that sweat drink” left.

I did leave a cup with a little of “that sweat drink” in it out on the table overnight.

Apparently geckos and ants like it too.

I think I’ll look twice before taking a swig of anything from now on. Especially, “that sweat drink.” The gecko is resting peacefully near the corner of the yard where Zoe’s placenta rests.


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