One Two Three Four, I Declare a…


This little dude (Araknis Deathicus Epic 90 ^^^ x4) surprised Joy when she was carrying our clothes into the bedroom to put them away. I had already partially dismantled the bedroom looking for him, when I found him here. He was hiding in the top of the headboard to our bed.

This is a little closer up so you can see him. Yes, he has body hair, and is missing a leg. I think he’s more of a pirate type spider. If he had been ninja I would never had found him. Anyway, that’s a normal size pill bottle on the headboard above him. I put it there so you could see how big he was, and because there was no stinkin way I was getting my hand in closer for the picture once we were this close.

After taking this picture I tried to swat him with my flip-flop.

Fail. (He’s a fast little bugger.)

I got him in the end using the reliable, blinding flashlight/bug spray/broom smash/stomping combo attack augmented with panic (+50 billion speed – 5 damage).

Unfortunately, that combo attack comes with a -20 room orderliness.

I will now flaunt my epic victory by spamming the chat channels with gibberish.



One thought on “One Two Three Four, I Declare a…

  1. Awesome post! I had a massive one of those drop onto my shoulder (partially on my neck) when I was entering our laundry area in Papua. I did not get to pwn that spider but I will celebrate your victory over yours with you, if that’s alright? In memory of the one that got away 🙂


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