Christmas Presents

Things I want for Christmas: Gift cards. I’m not too picky about where you get them. But I might start spamming you with hate mail if it’s for Babies R Us. Places that are fantastically acceptable are: REI, iTunes, Lowes or Home Depot, and Amazon.These all will make me happy.

OOOORRR…. A gift card at Kiva for making microloans to people for creating businesses in developing countries. I mean, what better way to celebrate Christmas then to give a gift that means people can have the money they need to start a new business in a responsible way? It’s not a hand out, but a small loan to get them going.

Alternatively, you can send Mt. Dew.

What are things you would like for Christmas?


One thought on “Christmas Presents

  1. Wow — I really haven’t been here in awhile. Sorry — I’ve been stalking Joy’s page instead. Ummm – didn’t send gift cards, just a Christmas card and a lettertoon. You might be able to sell the lettertoon, but I hold no sincere hope for the art being that good.


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