A New Job

It’s a little hard to believe that I am already here in Indonesia. It’s even harder to believe that I am flying for the people of Indonesia. This has been such a long long road. President Clinton was just elected when I felt the call to serve as a missionary pilot. I had no idea that it could possibly take this long. Yet the road has been filled with God’s grace.
God has provided all my needs. That is such a canned line. It’s kinda even annoying to write. God hasn’t given me everything I wanted, when I wanted it. In fact, I’ve dealt with eating crackers, frozen pizzas, and peanut butter because I couldn’t afford more. I’ve also had money for flight training and even eventually managed, with Joy’s help, to start putting money away. Through all those years, hard and easy, I could see God providing for my needs. My spiritual needs, emotional needs, and physical needs.
God is faithful. Yeah, that one two. But if you had seen me 18 years ago, an annoying 13 year old with big dreams and terrible social skills you likely would have thought I was nuts. (Well, I was, but thats  not the point.) God gave me a dream, and I held on to it when everything seemed impossible, and He brought it to pass.
So my new job is not flying. It is not maintaining airplanes. Sure, I do those things all day long. My new job is giving grace. The people I fly for, the people in the back country of Papua, rely on the airplane like people in the US rely on electricity. I have started meeting some of the folks at different airstrips and I can see it, they need me, and they pray for me. When I land for the 10th time at 3 in the afternoon on a hot day after 9 hours of work, it is easy to be grumpy. But for the people I am serving, I am the life line for their community and the image of the body of Christ. What a responsibility. Pray for me and the other MAF pilots that we can live with grace for the people we serve.


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