A Path in the Sky

Today was an interesting day to fly. That usually means a lot of work for the pilot.
This was no exception. On the way home from Nabire to Sentani we face a huge line of active storms. Usually we can fly around isolated storms without much difficulty. This line was not so accommodating. The line of storms ran almost unbroken for nearly 250 miles and across our path to Sentani. As we flew along this line of storms searching for a hole through, we came to a spot that looked like an opening. We could see sunshine on a cloud on the other side of the line which meant a possible safe route. We decided to try it. We turned and flew toward the dark wall in front of us. I prayed and tried to focus on the light area ahead, searching for something to state clearly that yes indeed, this was a safe passage. As the the darker clouds began to pass to our left and right I couldn’t help but think of the verse in the Bible where we are told to walk in the light as He is in the light.
What a great picture it was, either side of our path could have been a deadly storm or at least a very rough ride, but the narrow path we found led us home to safety. We were able to stay on that path because we could see the light.


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