Family Conference

Every year MAF Papua has a Family Conference in July. It’s a great time to get together as a program and hang out and have fun. Every year a church in Vancouver, Washington sends out a team to serve. They bring snacks, and gifts, run a VBS for the kids, and the senior pastor comes and leads a retreat for the parents. Overall it is a great time of growing and relaxing for everyone.
We had Family Conference a couple weeks ago, and we had a great time. I enjoyed he teaching time very much, and Zoe tolerated the childcare much better than either of us expected.
Pastor Matt taught us on the theme of “Questions Jesus Asked.” We spent a lot of time looking at what Jesus was saying in different passages through the questions He posed to people. They were all challenging thoughts. One of my favorite challenges that Pastor Matt gave us was the question of surrender or commitment. Its easy to be committed. No one was more committed than the Pharisees. Surrender however is much harder. Committed people still have control, but surrendered people have relinquished control.
As a professional Christian, doing professional Christian stuff, it is super easy to be committed, heart and soul to service. Its what I do. But, have I surrendered? That is the question that haunts me. I think much of my life has been committed, but I’m not so sure I haven’t been Pharisaically unsurrendered.
These thoughts are the reason why we have family conference. In the US, it is easy to come by good teaching, but here, it can be much harder. It’s a breath of fresh air to take some time as a team and let ourselves be focused on learning and growing spiritually. It helps us remain surrendered and not simply committed.


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