One of the unique things about being a pilot is that I get to fly in the dynamic environment we call the sky. Most people look at the sky and see only the small dome above them. It is not until the weather is bad will they actually take note of where the clouds are, or are going. I really enjoy watching the change and development of the weather. Like any other place of nature, it is full of wonders and surprises.

Everyday I get to watch the clouds form on the mountain ridges and roll their way down into the valleys. At first I fly over them, and then around, under, or through them. It is like exploring a mountain range as it grows and then erodes away. Every minute is different and each is full of beauty.

A towering thunderstorm is perhaps one of the most formidable and awe inspiring sights. In contrast, a light rain in sunshine that creates a rainbow below you is incredible in it’s own way. Even in the beautiful chaos of the sky, there is a pattern, a method of how it all works. All of these things remind me every day of how creative, how amazing, and how wonderful is our God.


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