The Depressed Missionary. Part 2.

The boxes are piling up around us as we sort through our stuff and pack things away. It’s sad to put our lives here on hold, but it’s a necessary move. That doesn’t make the blow of saying goodbye easier.

Because I’m a pilot, and the way I work in missions is flying, there are special considerations for me when depression sets in. A pilot on medication for depression is not longer allowed to fly. They are grounded by law until they have proven a history of stability after recovering from depression. Now, we don’t think I’m so bad that I need to take medication, but even so, it’s better to be cautious while dealing with this situation. That means we are moving home to the US.

Thankfully, MAF and we have reached an arrangement that is much better then my simply leaving the mission field and searching for a new career while working through my depression. We are moving back to the main offices in Nampa, Idaho, and I’ll be working in the hangar for MAF there while seeing a counselor in the Boise area. I’ll still be able to serve with MAF, while getting the help I need.

Even so, we are packing up our home and leaving Nabire. It’s incredibly sad leaving. We had such high hopes of staying here and serving for years to come. But for now, we place our memories into cardboard boxes. We’re storing away our lives here for a season. We hope that in time, perhaps a year, perhaps more or less, we will be able to return and pick up where we left off.

But for now, we need to be home. And we need time to heal.


3 thoughts on “The Depressed Missionary. Part 2.

  1. Never believe that this time in your life is the final curtain. It is only an intermission. This is a step to a better and stronger ability to deal with the things we believe God calls us to. I know what it is like to deal with depression. Only as we persevere, and trust that He is faithful, can we succeed, and be thankful for what He has planned for us. You both are loved and appreciated by many, but especially, and most importantly, by Him. KEEP SWIMMING! Ron.


    • They came up with this option for us, which just so happened to be what we were really hoping they would have us do. We hoped that this would only be for a few months but the plan is for a year at least.


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