2009. A New Partner


As the spring months of 2009 warmed, I realized that leaving that summer wasn’t going to happen. In fact, I requested to take an unpaid leave from MAF in order to figure out what was going on in my new relationship with Joy McCahon.

I’d met Joy the fall before at a fundraising appointment and one thing sort of led to another. Then we were dating. Finding a girlfriend, and getting into a serious relationship had not been my plan, but we both saw God speaking to us clearly and leading us together.

In March, MAF recommended that I take that unpaid leave I’d requested and I moved to be near Joy in New Hampshire. Since it was unpaid, I went out a got a part time job at a local airport. My Aunt and Uncle who had introduced us kindly allowed me to live with them for a few months.

Engagement AB 5_4(3)

In May we got engaged. The summer flew by as we prepared for our wedding on August 1st. In July, just 2 weeks before my wedding, I got laid off from my part-time job as an aircraft mechanic. That was a pretty big surprise, but it gave me a bit more time for wedding preparations.

Our wedding came finally, and Joy and I were married. Many friends traveled from far and wide. I think most came simply because they never thought I’d find someone who could tolerate me and they had to see this person who was marrying me.

It was a hot and sunny day, but we were so happy to be finding out forever friend that I don’t think either of us noticed much.

The next day, as we were boarding the plane for our honeymoon, I got a call asking me to interview for a job. A few weeks later I was training to be a barista at a Starbucks in Target.

The fall flew by and soon Joy and I were unplugging our Christmas tree before leaving for Urbana and then MAF headquarters in Nampa, Idaho. Urbana was the final event for Joy who had been working for Intervarsity for several years.

It was time to rejoin MAF as a married couple.

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