2012. What a year.

The first few months of 2012 were pretty quiet. We were finishing up language school and making plans for our short trip back to the US. I still needed to finish technical orientation, and then we were going to move Papua.

We ordered and bought furniture and purchased major appliances. We didn’t really know much about how to ensure we were getting good quality things, so we just got stuff and hoped.

I carried the responsibility of welcoming several new families to language school, even finding homes for MAF to rent and arranging payment etc. Then April came around and we were off to the US.

We got to spend a few weeks with our families, both in Massachusetts and in Ohio before starting my training in earnest in Idaho.

My training was primarily focused on learning to fly the MAF way in general, and how MAF wants it’s pilots to fly in the mountains. It was a tough 3 weeks with an extra addition at the end. I got to fly to a number of interesting airstrips in the Frank Church Wilderness in northern Idaho as well as do spin training in Cascade Idaho.

Then off to Papua we went. A few weeks after we arrived and got settled into our tiny apartment in the MAF guesthouse, I started training on the program. My first flight was to the village of Bougalaga, a place legendary for it’s steep slope and violent changes in the airstrip pitch.

That fall I got to enjoy a couple weeks in Jakarta for a root canal while Joy went to visit Nabire. I met her there and we began to get an idea of what life there would be like for us. The weeks that followed were full of flying and aircraft maintenance and waiting to finally get settled into our future home in Nabire.

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